Five Effective Tips To Make Your Wordpress Website Load Incredibly Faster

Whether you have noticed it or not, a bulky and cluttered database files, images, plugins, themes, etc., not only makes it hard to manage the site, but it also deteriorates the overall WordPress website performance. Hence, in order to establish….. Read More >>>>

CakePHP Auth Component Login Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to see user login and registration using CakePHP AuthComponent. Every php frameworks will have their own Auth component that will handle user authentcation and authorization functionality. All we need to is just include that….. Read More >>>>

Auto Tab Using jQuery

  Mostly we all seen this auto tab switch while entering our credit/debit card numbers while proceesing online payment for online purchase. we are going to see how to implement this auto change  tab using jQuery.   Based on maxlength….. Read More >>>>

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