November 8, 2014   by:  muni   2 Comments

User registration and Login Using PHP5, MySQLi, jQuery and Bootstrap

In this tutorial we are going to see simple User registration, Login and Forget password functionality using PHP5 object oriented programming, MySQLi, jQuery and Bootstra. As well it has templating system that’s after login pages (home.php, going.php and lesson.php) will template pages like (header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php). It has six pages 1. Login page 2…. Read more »

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  September 6, 2014   by:  muni   2 Comments

Thumbnail Image Generation From Uploaded Image Using PHP

For some requirement we need to generate thumbnail image from user uploaded image without decreasing image quality.  Here is php script that resizes upload image (whether it small or bigger one ) to the thumbnail size you set. Here is the full php script which  generates Thumbnail Image From Uploaded Image Using PHP. function thumbnail($src,… Read more »

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