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One of the great idea to increase traffic to your blog or site is start to utilize social networks like facebook and twitter etc….
If you having facebook and twitter accounts and you want to share your new post, photos or status update, so you need to sign two accounts separately and post your updates. It was too difficult to sign in both the accounts every time you post updates.
Here is simple method to link your facebook page or facebook account with your twitter account. That greatly reduces your time to post new updates on both the accounts.

Step 1: Sign in youe facebook account. Then go through following link It will take you to following page in the below picture

Link Facebook with Twitter

Link Facebook with Twitter

Step 2: Then click on the Link to twitter button which shown in the above picture.
Then you customize your settings, so that you can share things you wanted to your twitter followers. You can check or uncheck check box like one shown in the below picture.

Link Facebook with Twitter

Link Facebook with Twitter

That’s all now your both the accounts are linked, so if you post updates in facebook automatically the following update automatically updated in twitter accounts as well.

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    nice tutorial………..

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