June 23, 2012   muni   1 Comment

New Facebook plugin for WordPress

Here is the new facebook plugin for WordPress developed by Facebook developers. If you install this plugin in your wordpress site, you can post the content from wordpress site to your facebook timeline page directly. The plugin automatically adds like, share, send buttons and comments box at the end each post, thus ensures maximum reach ability… Read more »

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  June 15, 2012   muni   2 Comments

Jquery Inline Editor

Do you want to implement Jquery inline editor in your project? so here is the simple steps to implement jquery inline editor in your project. Create two php files inline.php and save.php, where inline.php has jquery library, jquery function and html tags to implement to inline editor. The save.php file gets the edited content and stores… Read more »

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  June 13, 2012   muni   No Comment

php file upload script

Using following script we can upload files, photos, pictures, pdf files, images and etc… from your local computer to remote server. I explained all the $_FILES super global variables properties with example. here is script with html form design <form action=”mkdir.php” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data”> <table border=”0″ align=”center” bgcolor=”#353535″ cellpadding=”3″>   <tr>    <td bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” colspan=”2″ align=”center”>     <p align=”center”… Read more »

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