Invoice System Using jQuery PHP MySQL And Bootstrap

In one of my previous tutorial I had designed invoice template and added jQuery autocomplete feature and tax calculation system to invoice. You can refer the above free invoice tutorial. I had extended it to standalone PHP Script. If you want….. Read More >>>>

PHP Quiz Script

This version of Responsive PHP Quiz application has following new features are added. You may refer my previous versions of PHP MySQL quiz script tutorial to download php quiz script freely. Features: Now users can share his/her results on Social….. Read More >>>>

PHP Google URL Shortener API Service

In this tutorial I am going to update my previous tutorial on Google URL Shortener API Service PHP with some error handling. Here is my previous tutorial PHP Google URL Shortener API Service.   Google URL Shortener API Demo  ….. Read More >>>>

AngularJS Insert Update Delete Using PHP MySQL

This is my first tutorial in AngularJS. In this tutorial we are going to see basic Insert Update Delete using AngularJS, PHP and MySQL. This tutorial has following steps AngularJS Insert Update Delete Using PHP MySQL Steps:    HTML form….. Read More >>>>


Installation of CakePHP 3 somewhat tricky/difficult for newbies. I will give you step by step instructions to install CakePHP 3 on your machine successfully, All you need to do is just follow this tutorial. Before starting CakePHP 3 installation step by….. Read More >>>>

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